Roofing Companies in Overland Park – Warranties

Warranty Details

Some people debate how important the warranty is when it comes to roofing. Roofing COMPANIES IN OVERLAND Park vary in their policies, so you will have to check on this and ask yourself how much this matters to you. How long the warranty is may not be as important as how intent the roofer is to stand behind his warranty.

This comes back to the referrals section, as past customers should be mentioning this point. Look into this and ask them when you call to check their experience with the company at hand. You want to know if the roofer was responsive in a timely fashion, that he performed the work in a timely fashion, that he/she clearly cared about the work, and that he/she is trustworthy.

There is a difference between the worker’s warranty and the manufacturers warranty as well, so this is very important to understand. The roofer will give you a warranty for the work he does. On the other hand, the manufacturer will give you a warranty on the roofing material, which typically is a much longer warranty and covers you against defective materials. Overland Park roofing contractor are on high alert for reporting the door knocking storm chasers we all saw last year. Many of these unlicensed roofers were breaking the law by installing roofs without warranties and with roofers that were unlicensed and probably inexperienced. The big issue with this is that the homeowner can be punished big time if the unlicensed roofer falls from their roof and injures him or herself. This has happened in The Overland Park roofing industry many times in the past few years and the home owner usually ends up getting sued and paying all the medical bills for the injured roofer.

Customer Complaints

Determine how the Overland Park roofing contractors handle problems in the case that they do arise.

Has he/she ever lost a job? If so, why?

Have they ever had a court case? Why?

Have they ever been suspended? Why?

Talk to relevant authorities to find out if their have been any complaints about the company at hand.

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