Topeka roofing repairs Company – The Contract

The Contract

Prior to receiving the contract, you will receive an estimate or a proposal. Both can be very different approaches to roofing your home, so we will explain a little bit about both. Either way, read them thoroughly and make sure they are up to your expectations. If you are trying to hire a Topeka roofing contractor do not pay until you have read the contract and made sure that there is indeed a contract.

What is an estimate?

This will usually show a single price and describe the overall product without options. This is not very consumer friendly, though it is typical and traditional. Topeka roofers often give away free estimates in exchange for a sign on the front lawn.

What is a proposal?

This is a potential agreement for a roofing project that is drafted up by your TOPEKa ROOfing repairs. Here you will have many choices of products, prices, brand names, extra services, and designs. Other things may be included like options for financing and what the protocol is if things change during the course of the job. It is typical to see three different choices, and it might be good, better, best in style.

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