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Today i will be talking about all kinds of roofing materials in Wichita Kansas. Ranging from the lowest price materials to the higher end materials. I will also be comparing some of the material to each other.

First we will be talking about the lower priced roofing materials. Shingles have been the lowest costing material in the roofing industry for many years. This is because they are often made from recycled materials which is more expensive to do with tiles and metal. However rubber shingles which are often recycled can be more then 4 times the price of a standard asphalt shingle. So be careful what some contractors will tell you can be misleading. In some cases there are companies who will try to take advantage of a home owner who has not had their roof replaced before. they may try to sell you over priced materials that you do not need, they may also do a poor or rushed installation thinking that you will not know that the job was done poorly.

However you can bet that whenever our company comes to do a job we have the home owners roof and wallet in mind. We do not ever rush a roof repair or replacement because we have warranties on everything we do. If we were to rush a job we would be coming back each time to make repairs.
Our Wichita roofing materials meet all state and national guidelines for quality and price, We never up charge on any materials large or small. We rely on pure craftsmanship to get by. Our customers only pay us for the work we do not for ordering materials.
If you or any other friend or family you know are in need of ROOFING REPAIR COMPANY in Wichita you should be sure to let them know, we are always around to do a free roofing estimate in Wichita.

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  1. Frank White

    This is a great blog you guys are right on point with your roofing material i agree with most of what you said but recycled shingles are actually closer to 10 times the prices for the highest quality roofing materials in the industry.


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